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Playful experimentation

Studios for

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quiet reflection

Studios for the

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We partner with others

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ordinary to the extraordinary

Stormwater: Visit regularly. Bring a friend.

Art Matters

Studio visits can be made by contacting individual artists. Their information is found on the ARTIST page.


We were created to create.

A non-profit Visual Arts Community
Where individuality, and art experiences intersect 

Stormwater's mission is to advance the vibrancy and well-being of the visual arts culture in the City of Columbia, SC and the greater Midlands region. By providing working studios for visual artists, gallery exhibition space, educational awareness programs, outreach initiatives, and partnerships, Stormwater enhances equitable access to the arts. 

We envision a creative vibrant hub of diverse visual artists fostering creative expression and forming the nucleus of Columbia’s thriving arts district. 

An early project in revitalization efforts of the InnoVista, Stormwater Studios began as a joint venture of the Columbia Development Corporation and the City of Columbia.  Stormwater Studios, a space dedicated to working artists, is now an affiliate of the 501c(3) Non-profit Stormwater that was established in 2021.  Stormwater will mature as an arts destination for the City of Columbia and beyond.

Stephen Chesley

Sharon Licata


Heidi Darr-Hope

Michel McNinch

Gerard Erley

Kirkland Smith

Patricia Gilmartin

School of Visual Art & Design

Exhibition Opportunities

A unique concept in exhibition space.

At various times during the year, the exhibition area is utilized for shows presented by the Resident Artists of Stormwater Studios. During alternate times, the gallery is available to other artists as a high quality location for local, regional, or national art shows. With new shows coming in regularly, Stormwater Studios plans to present up to 25 different exhibitions a year. We invite you to check our calendar of events.