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StormWater Studios – an affiliate of StormWater

StormWater, A Non-Profit Visual Arts Community
Where individuality, and art experiences intersect

Our mission is to establish a consistent and supportive environment to foster the growth of artists and demonstrate the value and importance of visual art to the community at large.

We envision a creative vibrant hub of diverse visual artists fostering creative expression and forming the nucleus of Columbia’s thriving arts district.

This is an opportunity for you to become a part of this vibrant growing arts community in Columbia. Situated in the Congaree Vista, at 413 Pendleton Street, Stormwater Studios and Gallery offers the best of both worlds: downtown studios and gallery nestled within a quiet one-acre natural environment.

Studio #9 is available 
Rent: $450/month + one-time $450 security deposit (refunded when lease is terminated) 
280 Sq. Ft. - 14 ft. Ceiling - Studio Sink - Concrete Floor - Individual Thermostat 
Utilities and internet included 
Rolling glass garage door facing front of building 
Premier studio space with shared kitchen and free parking 

In the interest of affordability, 2 artists may share this studio, but both must be juried in. If you are interested in sharing the studio with someone, please indicate that in your application. 

Each artist’s service to the resident artist's community includes:

  • Joyously working in your studio
  • Staffing the gallery two 4-hour sessions per month - Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun, 11-3  
  • Participation in our two annual resident artist group exhibitions (Vista Lights and Artista Vista) with at least three new pieces for each exhibition
  • Take part in Third Thursdays extended hours: 5-8 on a rotation basis with other resident artists- opportunity for open studio
  • Attendance at monthly resident artist meetings – Second Tuesdays @ 10:30
  • Share resident artist expenses for publicity and events (very minimal)
  • Serve on at least one committee 

Review Complete Resident Artist Required Roles and Responsibilities Here 

Benefits Include

  • Involvement, interaction, support within a community of professional artists
  • Free gallery exhibition
  • Inclusion in two annual resident artist exhibitions during the Vista Guild’s Vista Lights and Artista Vista
  • Use of outdoor workspace surrounded by nature
  • State-of-the-art security system 

Review lease agreement here. Proof of insurance is required when submitting the lease.

To apply, please submit the following information for review to [email protected] Subject line should read: Studio #9 Application 

  1. Resume
  2. Samples of your work, minimum of 5 digital images and/or website
  3. Brief informal statement (50-100 words) of your intent for the studio

Studio #9 will be available starting February 1, 2023

Applications will be accepted through January 18th.
Applicants will be juried by the resident artists. Result of the jurying will be announced no later than January 23rd.

Exhibition Rental

At various times during the year, the exhibition area is utilized for shows presented by the Resident artists of Stormwater Studios. During alternate times, the gallery is available for rent to other artists as a high quality location for local, regional, or national art shows for a rental fee of $350 per week and a deposit of $200.

Ready to book an exhibition at stormwater?

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To start with, here are answers to some basic questions:

Rental fee: $200 per week for up to two consecutive weeks

Other fees: Refundable $200 security deposit, due upon acceptance of show proposal. Returned to you at the end of show if all rental conditions are met. (See details in the following agreement.)

To apply: First, refer to the Events calendar on this website to see what dates are currently available. Then complete the application form and acceptance of liability waiver form (below) and submit the security deposit. You may also be asked to submit examples of the kind of work you intend to show. Professional quality, display, and presentation is expected.

THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into and between Columbia Development Corporation/ Stormwater Studios, and the below-named renting party, hereinafter Lessee, hereby covenant and agree to abide by the following provisions:

I. EVENT DESCRIPTION. Upon the terms and conditions contained herein and in consideration of the covenants and agreements expressed herein and of the faithful performance by the Lessee of all such covenants and agreements, Columbia Development Corporation/ Stormwater Studios does hereby grant unto the Lessee the right to use and occupy the Stormwater Studios for the purpose Lessee specifies in our online rental information collection form.

II. RESERVATION, DEPOSIT, and SECURITY DEPOSIT. Columbia Development Corporation / Stormwater Studios shall schedule all events on a first-come, first served basis. Stormwater Studios shall tentatively schedule any requested event and shall attempt to notify the Lessee if another party requests such date before the reservation is confirmed. Upon signed return of this contract and a deposit of $200, a reservation will be confirmed. The security deposit should be sent to the Columbia Development Corp., Box 734, Columbia, SC 29202. Your rental request cannot be processed until you return this rental and waiver of liability agreement and submit your security deposit of $200.


Your rental fee is due no later than the 1st of the month preceding the month of your show. Payment should be made to Columbia Development Corporation, PO Box 734, Columbia SC 29202.

Cancellations and/or changes made to the contract must be submitted in writing to the Columbia Development Corporation. No oral changes will be valid. If an event should be canceled more than thirty (30) days before the set-up date of the event, a refund equal to one hundred (100%) of the deposit shall be made. If an event should be canceled 2 to 4 weeks before the set-up date, a refund equal to seventy-five (75%) of the deposit shall be made. If an event should be canceled 8-13 days before the first date of the event, a refund equal to fifty (50%) of the deposit shall be made. If an event should be canceled 7 or fewer days out, no refund of the deposit shall be made.

IV. LIABILITY INSURANCE. If, in the determination of Columbia Development Corporation / Storm Studios, liability insurance is required (in most cases it is not), a policy satisfactory to Columbia Development Corporation shall be a prerequisite to use of the leased premises. A copy of this policy shall be provided to the facility owner Columbia Development Corporation no less than one month before the first day of the event. For events scheduled less than one month before the first day of the event, proof of insurance shall be a prerequisite to the taking of a reservation. The policy shall be procured from an insurance company licensed to do business in the state of South Carolina [either at lessee’s discretion, from list provided by the Corporation, or exclusive provider] and shall in no case be for amounts less than $1,000,000 and shall provide Columbia Development Corporation as an additional insured or co-insured party.

V. ALCOHOL. Any event during which a lessee wishes to serve, distribute, consume or possess alcoholic beverages and charge customers for consumption must be through a licensed caterer permitted by accordance with local ordinance & State law. Alcohol can be served at no cost by the Lessee, but express permission is required from CDC/Stormwater Studios to do so. If alcohol is provided at no cost the Lessee is solely responsible for any and all liability that may arise.

VI. EVENT FEES and PAYMENT. Rental fees shall consist of space rental and any other fees that arise from additional items or services required or requested. Full payment of all fees must be received no later than the 1st of the month preceding the month of the set-up date of the event. Rules for use of the gallery space are more specifically outlined in the Stormwater Studios Exhibition Guidelines attached herein. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Lessee Acknowledges receipt of the Guidelines.     ___________ Lessee initial here.

VII. OTHER CONDITIONS. The Lessee further covenants and agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, rates, policies, conditions, and limitations of Columbia Development Corporation/Stormwater Studios separately provided to the Lessee if applicable.

VIII. UTILITIES. Columbia Development Corporation/Stormwater Studios shall furnish, at its expense, heat, water, lights and air conditioning necessary for the Lessee's use during the term of this contract deemed necessary by the owner. Columbia Development Corporation / Stormwater Studios shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any lack of heat, water, lights or air conditioning due to an act of God, acts by the Lessee or its guests or the failure of equipment to operate or function properly through no fault of Columbia Development Corporation, Stormwater Studios or its agents.

IX. UNAVAILABILITY OF PREMISES. In any case in which the premises of Columbia Development Corporation /Stormwater Studios or any premises covered by this agreement are damaged by fire, flood or other cause, or if any other casualty or unforeseen occurrence shall render the fulfillment of this contract by Columbia Development Corporation / Stormwater Studios impossible, then the term of this contract shall end and the Lessee shall be liable only for fees up to the time of such termination. The Lessee hereby waives and releases any claim for damages or compensation on account of such termination.

X. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The Lessee agrees to save and hold harmless CDC/Stormwater Studios of and from any and all expenses, damages, claims, demands or liability by or to the public, employees or guests of the Lessee and all others on account of or occasioned by the negligent installation, construction, repair, alteration, maintenance or operation of any structure, device, machine, enclosure, amusement, entertainment or commodity or by any activity pertaining to this lease, or by any act or omission, negligent or otherwise of Lessee or its patrons when on or about to enter or exit the premises herein leased to Lessee.

XI. ASSIGNABILITY. The Lessee's rights under this lease shall not be assigned without prior written approval of the Executive Director of Columbia Development Corporation.

XII. COLLATERAL CONTRACTS. The Lessee shall be responsible for all other contracts, obligations, and expenditures made in connection with its use of the leased premises. By way of illustration and not limitation, these contracts may include entertainment, catering, fees, and licenses, insurance, special furnishings or decoration, staffing, etc.

XIII. PERMITS, LICENSES, and PERMISSION. The Lessee shall be responsible for the procurement and expenses of all licenses, permits and union and trade organization clearances required for use of the leased premises for the purpose stated. The Lessee shall also be responsible for obtaining permission of the Columbia Development Corporation Executive Director for all events that are different from the original intended event.

XIV. RENTAL RATES. The Lessee agrees to pay the rental rates and charges listed herein in exchange for the use of the leased premises and any provided services. The rental rates include basic electricity (110 volt), basic utilities such as water, restroom use, use of chairs, tables, and lighting. 

XV. PARKING. You are responsible for informing your guests and/or attendees of any parking regulations and enforcing said regulations as stated by the City of Columbia SC. Please do not block driveways and be respectful of our neighbors.

XVI. CHECK OUT AND CLEANING GUIDELINES. You are responsible for your own set up and clean up. If additional cleaning is required or if premises are damaged by your usage, additional charges may be assessed.

Waste: Reduce and recycle your garbage whenever possible. We prefer that you not use Styrofoam cups. The city’s green bins for garbage and blue bins for recyclable items are located outside, on the east side of the building. Please dispose of your waste in these bins before you leave.  

Furniture: Please return furniture to the location where it was stored prior to the event.

Food: If food is served, please wipe down all tables and chairs as necessary and sweep the area clean.

Cleanliness: If the floors have visible debris on them, please sweep and dust floors prior to leaving. 

Please check the bathrooms for cleanliness and leave in the same condition in which it was left to you.

Energy reduction: Turn off all gallery lights when done with the space except for the lights above serving area.

Security: Close and lock all doors as instructed. Return key to Columbia Development Corporation /Stormwater Studios staff within 3 business days. Failure to return key (if issued) will result in accruing fines. Lost key charge is $50.

The Lessee, by agreeing to this Lease Agreement, agrees that it has read, understood, and assented to all the provisions previously recited as well as any other rules, regulations or policies separately provided. The Lessee also understands that violation of any of the previous provisions is subject to default of the Lease Agreement, fines, suspension from the facility and/or prosecution.

Stormwater Studios Exhibitors’ Guidelines

We are pleased to offer Stormwater Studios Gallery at a reasonable rate to provide local and national artists with a quality venue in which to display and sell their artwork. The following guidelines are for the lease of the exhibition space:
Rental Rate: $200/week               Refundable Deposit: $200

1. Acceptable Work
All work must be professional in nature and displayed in an appropriate manner. The Resident Artists at Stormwater Studios may request that sample works representative of the planned show be submitted for jurying by the Review Committee. 

2. Scheduling a Show
Shows in Stormwater Studios Exhibition space may run for up to two consecutive weeks, with rentals starting on Tuesday morning and ending on Sunday night. An exhibition calendar is posted on the Stormwater website showing the dates when the Gallery is available. To apply to have a show at Stormwater, click on the Rental button on the home page of the website and fill in the requested information. Your application will be reviewed by the Show Manager, who will reply to you within a few days. Upon acceptance of your application, you must submit a refundable security deposit of $200 to the Columbia Development Corporation through Fred Delk, CDC, P. O. Box 734, Columbia SC. 29202. Only after your application and deposit are received will your show dates will be reserved for you and added to the gallery calendar. 
The Exhibition space is available on a first-come first-served basis; however regular Stormwater Studios and Resident Artists shows will always have first preference. Stormwater Studios has the right to accept or reject any show or program.

3. Fees and Deposits
Rent for the Exhibition Gallery is $200 per week. This is considered an introductory rate and may be adjusted in the future. Rent must be paid to the Columbia Development Corporation no later than the 1st of the month preceding the month when the show is scheduled. (Checks should be made out to Columbia Development Corp., Box 734, Columbia SC 29202.)
As mentioned in Section 2 above, a separate refundable deposit of $200 is due at the time you reserve the gallery. It will be held to secure your reservation and to ensure that the display areas are properly maintained and cleaned during the period of the exhibition. The deposit will be returned after the Exhibition Space has been inspected and approved by the Stormwater Studios Exhibition Board. All or part of the deposit will be forfeited if the artist cancels a show less than one month before the scheduled date or fails to follow the guidelines for setting up the show and maintaining the property as specified in Sections 4 and 5 below and in the Rental Application/Liability Agreement.
In the rare case where unusual damage is done to the premises, an additional repair fee may be levied.

4. Exhibit Setup and Removal
The exhibition space will be available for set-up beginning on Tuesday morning of the week(s) rented and must be removed by Sunday night at the show’s end.
Due to the fragile nature of the lighting system, light heads should not be moved along the track, but may be aimed as necessary.

For safety reasons, under no circumstances should the artist’s set-up block the view of or physical access to building exits or to individual artists’ studios. This includes keeping all hallways and doors clear of display and installation materials, tables, chairs, coolers, etc. Stormwater Studios reserves the right to remove items that are in violation of this guideline but will attempt to reach the artist before items are removed.

Any labels or signs that the renter attaches to the wall MUST be attached using re-positionable tape or labels. Ordinary adhesive labels will damage the wall when removed.

During set-up and take-down of the show, do NOT do any repairs to nail holes or other damage to the walls. Such repairs must be handled by our own staff and are included in the rental fee you have paid. 

5. Artist's Responsibilities

  • The exhibiting artist/renter is responsible for security, manning the exhibition, and care of the exhibition and studio spaces during openings/receptions that take place after-hours, on weekends, and at other times outside of the gallery’s regular advertised hours. The renter is responsible for securing the facility during the exhibition at the end of the day, locking all doors and setting alarms. Please test the doors after you lock them, as the locks occasionally fail to “catch.”

  • Renter is responsible for removal of trash and thorough clean-up of the gallery, kitchen, bathrooms and grounds after any public event and at the end of the rental period.

  • The exhibitor is responsible for her/his own advertising. Resident Artists at Stormwater Studios maintain their own social media and advertising, and the renter’s program information may be included in this social media at the discretion of the Resident Artists.

  • The renter may choose to obtain insurance coverage for her/his artwork during their show. Insurance is not required, but Stormwater Studios is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft.

  • The artist is responsible for the activities of artists, exhibitors and visitors who accompany him/her during the show and openings. Any damage to the space will be charged to the exhibiting artist/renter.

  • While all due care will be taken, Stormwater Studios Resident Artists and building owners are not responsible for, nor will reimburse for, any damaged or missing pieces of art or other property while on display.

  • Items and artwork left more than 3 days after the exhibition closing date will become the property of Stormwater Studios unless other arrangements are made.

  • Stormwater Studios artists cannot sell or act as agents for the artist.

6. Programming and Receptions 
Alcoholic beverages
Stormwater Studios and the building owners do not encourage the service of alcoholic beverages. However, if alcoholic refreshments are served, the renter bears full responsibility for the event and the actions of guests and is expected to comply with all S.C. laws pertaining to the service of alcohol.
Since Stormwater Studios is a public work/retail area, the reception area and other exhibition space must be cleaned (swept, mopped, and food items, coolers, and trash removed, etc.) by 10:00 a.m. the day following the reception. If the reception guests utilize the outside patio and grounds, this area should be cleaned up as well.
Use of Private Studios and unused wall space during rental events
The work of studio members may remain displayed in any unrented or unutilized exhibition areas. During opening night receptions, Resident Artists may work in their studios, but will keep their doors closed. If the exhibiting artist invites a member to have his/her studio open, this invitation must be extended to all members.
7. Heating and Air Conditioning
The Studios and Exhibition Space are heated/cooled by individual units. Before an event, the exhibitor should check the thermostat and adjust to his/her comfort level.
8. Contact/Emergencies
Any problem encountered during an event should be reported to Fred Delk, Executive Director of the CDC, on the next business morning (803-988-8040). If an emergency arises that needs immediate attention, Fred Delk can be reached after hours at (803-917-3968).

Revised 8/19
You can also download and print our Rental Agreement and Exhibition Guidelines