Artist Malik Greene (b. 1997, Columbia, SC) is a South Carolina-based artist who began creating professionally in 2021 after returning to Columbia following his graduation from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. The practice of Malik Greene is primarily self-taught, and mediums such as manga, and fashion design have helped the artist develop his unique art style. He desires to capture an intimate personal narrative, relating himself to historical, political, and popular cultural influences. The work of Malik Greene tells the story of his life, his desires, and the subtle modulations that may affect the way he receives the world.


The work of Malik Greene depicts his personal history through intimate oil portraits of family, moments, and memories that convey his experience as a Black Man and artist. The subjects within his art convey a specific power that does not rely on systemic pain, trauma, or past offenses to propel his artistic vision. Nevertheless, these figures covertly convey the residual effects of their environment and how this may innately influence one's identity. Finding strength in how this distinguishes individuals; his creations have become a voice to help understand his nature; painting as a means of searching, diving deeper into his cognition and the varying societal implications that affect those within his reach. Greene sources his artwork from archival photos and shared experiences, juxtaposing them with an amorphous imagination utilizing styles that demonstrate his painterly disposition. Bold opaque colors, textural brushwork and eccentric figuration are how he evokes emotion and emphasis within his work. He considers his practice a method of storytelling, and understanding where he comes from has allowed him to realize how far he can go.