WINTER EXHIBITION: Chesley, Williams, Wimberly, Yaghjian

(Above, from left to right: Ed Wimberly, Mike Williams, Stephen Chesley, and David Yaghjian.)

(Above: David Yaghjian and his studio arrangement.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley and his studio arrangement.)

(Above: Mike Williams cataloging his pieces in the exhibition.)

(Above: Ed Wimberly relaxing in David Yaghjian’s studio.)

WINTER EXHIBITION: Chesley, Williams, Wimberly, Yaghjian opens with an artists’ reception from 5 – 10 PM on Friday, January 25, 2008 at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in Columbia, SC. The show continues through Tuesday, February 5 with weekday hours from 10 – 5 and weekend hours from 1 – 5. For additional information, please call the gallery at (803) 252-6134 or visit the gallery’s website by clicking here. Another post is located on this blog by scrolling downward or clicking here.

The exhibition has a strong sense of color this year and the artists have noticed a strong nautical feel in their collective work. This is a show not to be missed. Below are more examples of the work

(Above: Ed Wimberly’s How Fun.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil Elliot Hitchcock and the Bull Shark.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil The Sea by Night.)

(Above: Mike Williams’ acrylic Convertible Painting Number One.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil, Nightrange, Hatteras.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil, Wave Portrait Sullivans.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s welded steel sculpture, Twenty Fathoms.)

(Above: Mike Williams’ acrylic, Taken To Land.)

(Above: Mike Williams’ acrylic, Suspending Forms XX.)

(Above: Mike Williams’ acrylic, Poised for Action.)

(Above: Ed Wimberly’s, Ghost.)

(Above: Ed Wimberly’s pastel on paper, Failure of the Imagination.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s oil, Dog Through Hoop.)

(Above: Ed Wimberly’s Opulence.)

(Above: Ed Wimberly’s pastel, Head in the Clouds.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s acrylic, Launched.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s oil, Flame Juggler.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s oil, Three Trouts.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s watercolor, One More Time.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s monotype, Blue Pants.)

(Above: David Yaghjian’s monotype, Whale.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil, The Sea.)

(Above: Stephen Chesley’s oil, The Voyage of the Spindrift.)

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