artists: 30 children from St. Lawrence Place Family Shelter, their work as taught by their art teacher Alia Schwartz in a 10 week program. The children range in ages 5-12. Alia Schwartz as well will be showing her art in the gallery.

When -Opening reception is 8/17/12 5:00-10:00
other times are by appointment 803 397-7193

The focus was better understanding ourselves as people and thus artists. a dream has to begin to be. We are learning how to value ourselves further and increase the potentialities of our dreams. These dreams are known, and unknown. Creation and creativity as well are known and unknown. The children with great vigor devoured these lessons and created many substantial works of art. Many of the projects are based in a collaborative effort. Working with one another to create and change matter has a greater effect than working  alone. When we realize our talents and can combine them with others talents, changes are possible. Progress is possible. Social change is necessary now. Social engagement is vital to this change. The endeavor of DREAM BIG! is just that. An opportunity for change, communication, and connections.

Contact Info:
Alia Schwartz
(803) 397-7193
[email protected]
[email protected]

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