Wentworth Tradd presents Fish and Guits

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On THURSDAY, October 30, 2008 Wentworth Tradd presents Fish and Guits, an exhibition of unique paintings and original artwork. The show starts at 6 PM with music from approximately 7:30 PM. The statement below was provided for this highly anticipated event:

(Click on the image above to enlarge. Spottail Pinfish by Wentworth Tradd.)

“Wentworth Tradd is slowing down, slowing down. Wentworth Tradd is…
What happened to the Wentworth Tradd who painted 100 fish and birds in less than 90 days? Well, he is slowing down a little. Or, more accurately, he is working on other things besides painting. He claims to be revisiting a longtime interest in the blues, brought on this time by events that blues songs are typically made of: financial and romantic woes, mostly, but unreliable health and other things he prefers not to specify. He doesn’t mention gambling and substance abuse, but most of Wentworth’s life is a gamble.

He has produced about thirty pieces on various kinds of board for his upcoming show, Wentworth Tradd’s Fish and Guits, as well as a few painted guitars featuring his usual images. In addition to his artwork, he has invited Columbia Blues Legend Drink Small to entertain his guests. The color scheme is not all blue, but many of his diamond backgrounds feature shades from swimming pool through ink. Look for familiar poses borrowed from Audubon and a tendency to portray the same subject in more than one size and color scheme.”

(Click on the image above. Little Rainbow by Wentworth Tradd.)

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