The Artists’ Roundtable

The September 10th Opening Reception of the, Artists’ Round Table sponsored, Fall Exhibit at Vista Studios Gallery 80808 will provide an overview of the range of artists the organization strives to assist and promote. The Friday Opening at 808 Lady Street, in Columbia, will begin at 5:00pm and end at 9:00pm. Artists will also be present Saturday, September 11th from 10:00am until 5:00pm. The show closes on Sunday, September 12th.

The Artists Round Table Exhibit will feature the following Columbia Artists: Richard Glover; Pat Stone; Sandra Carr; Sam Compton; Bill Sander, Cheryl Coble, Keith Tolen, Ellin Baskin, Betsy Kaemmerlen, Sue Shrader, Tam Hicks and Brenda Schwarz Miller. There will be a variety of media including ceramics and sculpture, paintings, photography and jewelry.

A.R.T. provides opportunities for artists to connect; collaborate; and engage each other and the community. Most importantly we will be educating the public on the importance of the Arts in South Carolina. A.R.T. is involved in ongoing collaborations with other art, performance and literary groups, as well as, local businesses and organizations to develop future events and expand the opportunities offered to local artists and the community.

For more information call (803) 609-3479 or visit the Artists Round Table website at

“Twist,” Tam Hicks

“Red and Black,” Sue Shrader

“Photograph,” Robert Glover

“Iris Flare,” Brenda Schwarz

“03,” Bill Sander

“AF Plates,” Betsy Kaemmerlen

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