Sharon Licata is Artist-in-Residence at Pickens High School

Artist in Residence Comes to Pickens High School

(The following article documents the excitement at Pickens High School and was taken from the school’s website. )

“Rock and Roll,” are the first words you hear at the beginning of each alabaster stone carving class taught by Pickens High Artist in Residence Mrs. Sharon Licata. Licata comes from Columbia, South Carolina, and is president of Vista Studios. She is a member of the South Carolina Arts Commissions Approved Artists. Mrs. Licata is here as part of an art grant awarded Dr. Hicks. She arrived February 2 and plans to depart February 13. Her goal for being at Pickens High School is to take her students from raw alabaster to a finished piece and share a great experience.

The tools required for this class are point chisels, forks, finishing forks, flat rondales, and rifflers also known as filers, and of course goggles for eye safety and smocks to keep clean. Sandbags are also used to support the stone while carving.

Usually, students at Pickens High School do not get the opportunity to experience sculpting with alabaster. Art teacher Josh Sargent said, “This has been a valuable opportunity to gain skills to better my students in the future.” To add to that, art teacher Dr. Hicks said, “Each Pickens High School student who is carving stone has not only learned about working with alabaster and using tools, but also how to think in 3 dimensions, and that’s really exciting.” She also added, “I personally have learned a great deal.”

Additional photos can be found here.

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