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Sunday July 1, 2007

Skate and Create Photos and news,+Columbia,+SC&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us
By cutting and pasting the link above, one can view photographs from the recent exhibition, Skate and Create, held at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios from June 21 through 24. The link brings up an archived page, simply scroll down to a box called “Spotted” where the words Skate and Create are listed. Click: Skate and Create. Thank you Jen Ray!


Columbia, SC

What a great week-end! The Skate and Create Event brought in over $2000. Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping us to move one step closer to getting a great skatepark in Columbia. Special thanks to Susan Lynns and 80808 Gallery for hosting the show!!! Thanks to Shannon at Body Rites Tattoo and Dave Toole at Bluetile Skateboards for sponsoring the event. Thanks to Lance Mountain, Kris Markovich, Jay Croft, Ryan August, David Yaughian, and all of the artists for donating your art!!! It was an amazing show. All purchased pieces have been picked up by the owners and we will have more pieces displayed soon at Sid and Nancy!

Below are entries on POUR IT NOW!, the official website for the non-profit organization raising funds for skateboarding facilities in the Midlands.


Columbia, SC

Thanks to everyone that came out to the skate and create art opening and hill bombing session yesterday. Everything came together really nicely and we are really stoked about that. Please tell all your friends how awesome it was so theyll come check it out.

We brought in over $700 in art and tshirt sales last night!!! Remember the show is open for 3 more days. There are so many awesome pieces for sale including art by Lance Mountain, Kris Markovich, Michael Siebens, Ryan August, and many more!!!

Tonight at 9pm, don’t miss the premiere of “Blood Money”, a skate video by Chris Brunt coming out of Asheville NC. viewing is at the 80808 gallery and it is free to get in.

The guys will be there selling videos and hanging out and a portion of all the videos sold at the event will go towards Pour It Now. There will be an after party at the Whig from 10 to 12.

Saturday, “Welcome to Your Doom!!!” a video by Dorian “Schlotzky” Warneck. Video starts at four. Dorian will be selling videos there for 15 bucks. Free to get in. Still no ramps.

Monday June 25, 2007

Spartanburg Museum Biennial website show

Although the Spartanburg biennial juried show is now over, there is an excellent presentation of the work on the museum’s website. To view the art, please go to:

The Vista Studio artists represented were: Jeff Donovan, Stephen Chesley, Susan Lenz, and David Yaghjian. Also from Columbia were: Mike Williams and Marcelo Novo. Former Vista Studio artist (now living in Charlotte) included Jeanette Grassi.

Tuesday June 12, 2007

Skate and Create

Above is David Yaghjian in his studio, busy painting a skateboard for this event. Below is Clare Yaghjian with her completed skateboard.

Skate and Create is being held at Vista Studios on June 21 through 24. It is an art event focusing on the need for a civic skateboarding facility and being held by a new non-profit organization aimed to help raise funds for a future location. Several skateboard company donated blank boards for artists’ uses. Approximately 30 area artists are using them. These works of art will be available in the gallery.

In addition to the boards, four artists are being featured: Ryan August (screen printing and mixed media); Lauren Gregory (oils); Miguel Deleon (photography); and Ray Croft (mixed media)

Hours: Open Skating/Skate demo on Lady Street in front of the gallery on Thursday, June 21 from 4 – 7. Exhibition reception follows from 7 – 10.

Friday: 7 – 10 PM with screening of “Blood Money”, a video produced by Chris Brunt and Eric Hunt of Asheville, NC at 9 PM

Saturday: Noon to 6 PM with screening of “Welcome to Your Doom”, a video by Dreher High School rising eleventh grader Dorian Warneck at 4 PM. (This is not Dorian’s first film but it is his first time incorporating many local skaters in a community project. Dorian is following in the footsteps of Jason Jones, a USC grad who turned his love of skateboarding and film into a successful NYC film editing career.)

Sunday: Exhibit open from noon until 6 PM

Friday May 25, 2007

Co-Signed by Dave Alsobrooks

Dave Alsobrooks will stage “Co-Signed: Interpretive Paintings of Handmade Signs” at Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC. The mixed media exhibition will run for two weeks, beginning June 6. There will be an opening reception at Gallery 80808, Thursday, June 6 at 6:00 pm.
The Co-Signed paintings are a partnership between the artist and scores of un-named, unknowing individuals. The thoughts of these individuals were originally broadcast to the world at large primarily through handmade signs and overheard conversations. Alsobrooks collects these manifestations of thought and repurposes them into paintings exhibiting an array of materials
and techniques. His intent is to place the found language in new contextual environments, allowing for new interpretations of the words to arise.
“I assign new meaning to these found words through my painting process … in a sense, I’m steering the conversation through associations of color, materials, etc. but my hope is to only supply the basis for viewers to create their own unique narratives and to explore the facets of language and communication.”
While the Co-Signed work recycles words, it does not replicate original expressions. In fact, says the artist, “The pieces generally have nothing in common with the appearances of the original expressions.” He goes on to explain this point as the origin of the exhibition’s name. “These paintings are not possible without the ingenuity of others. They are truly collaborative in this sense, even if only one side of the equation knows it. They’re Co-Signed.”
Dave is an artist living in Efland, NC. His work has been exhibited across North Carolina and in Chicago, New York and London. He is a partner at The PARAGRAPH Project in Durham, NC and received a B.F.A. in Design from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. | |
Gallery 80808 | 808 Lady Street | Columbia, SC 29201

Tuesday May 22, 2007

Don Zurlo gathers inspiration from Italy

Recently Vista Studios’ artist Don Zurlo flew off to soak up some Italian inspiration in Tuscany. He found the landscape beautiful and the US dollar weak. The other artists cannot wait to see the results in oil paint.
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