McNinch: Channeling Myself and Other Goddesses

“I never intended to show this work, but I felt developed into something worth sharing. It is a result of an exercise in self-awareness. I have enjoyed this process and hope you enjoy the results”  Michel McNinch 
There are three distinct series of paintings in this show.  In order of their origin, they are:  Channels, Subconscious,  and Goddesses.  
“Channels” – During my father’s illness and subsequent death I sought creative counseling.  It was suggested that I attempt a visual prayer.  With this suggestion in mind, my “Channels” series was born.  It evolved into a treasured practice as I continued these prayers for the last two years.
“Subconscious”-   These paintings were an attempt to paint what was beneath the surface of my present awareness. With nothing particular in mind, I chose a color and started painting.  Each time I sat down to paint, I had no idea or direction.  I painted on sheer instinct from the underlying influence of my subconscious.   What freedom!  What fun!  

“Goddesses” – When researching for a proposed workshop,  I had the idea to use the accomplished women in my life to pose for Goddess paintings.  It grew from there to be a very meaningful and rewarding endeavor to honor the many inspiring women in my life.
May is traditionally the time of year I show new work.  Although I  never intended to show the “Channels” or “Subconscious” paintings, these experiments developed into something worth sharing.  The “Goddess” paintings were done for pure pleasure.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and hope that you will enjoy the results. 
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