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Malik Greene – No One (Ever) Really Fails

July 5, 2023 @ 11:00 am - July 9, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


July 6, Opening Reception 6-8 pm
July 8, Residency Studio Tour 11-3 pm
July 9, Closing Reception 3-6 pm
Figurative painter and Stormwater Studios Resident Artist Malik Greene Presents his new exhibition titled ‘My Eyes’
Columbia-based artist Malik Greene is Stormwater Studios’ first inaugural BIPOC Artist in Residence and has announced his upcoming solo exhibition titled ‘My Eyes’. This exhibition will feature iconic works by the artist and never before seen creations that convey his perspective and relate back to his personal journey as a Columbia-born artist. This exhibition will have its opening reception on July 6th, 2023 from 6-8 pm with a closing artist talk on July 9th from 3-6 pm. In addition to the receptions, Malik Greene will host an open studio on July 8th from 11-3 pm. This open studio will preview works from his closing residency exhibition concerning his year-long Stormwater Studios residency titled ‘No One (Ever) Really Fails (There May Be A Reason Why)’ which will be unveiled in May 2024. This exhibition will occur at 413 Pendleton St, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201.
Visit www.stormwaterstudios.org or contact Malik Greene at www.malik-greene.com for more information.

Paintings by Malik Greene

When black boys migrate from primary to intermediate education they face challenges and limitations on the quality of care they receive. Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu explains the fourth-grade failure syndrome as a change in attitude that ultimately coincides with a change in academic achievement in young black boys. These children appear to have the same degree of potential as their peers up to the point at which “real” learning starts, after which they fall behind, only to be groomed by the environment they come from. They feel as though the world has given up on them just as they are beginning to realize what they are truly capable of becoming, leading to a decline in their self-esteem and a lack of hope for their future. I don’t think this is a coincidence, more so the outcome of the unsubstantial attention given to black boys in institutions of higher learning. A child may frequently be left alone and misled by factors such as a lack of appropriate reference points for their goals, family life, the concept of stability, and even finding understanding from their elders. It can be difficult to picture yourself as a doctor if you have never encountered a medical professional who resembles you or who exhibits your symptoms. Becoming an engineer is foreign to a child who has only been raised to struggle and endure circumstances forced upon them. The fourth-grade failure syndrome relates to children reaching a turning point in their lives where, if these issues are not addressed, a child may eventually come to believe that they are not deserving of a happy, fulfilled life. Being a young black child and thinking that sports are the only path out of poverty is devastating. Why would academic success matter if my time in the 40-yard dash is the only thing that can keep my family out of poverty? Why should I be concerned with expanding my business acumen when my sole means of achievement is how well I can rap? This body contains 13 new works and is a call to resilience and understanding about the invisible barrier for children of color, especially black boys, and how despite these disadvantages; There may be a reason to push forward.

Malik Greene Artist’s Statement

The work of Malik Greene unveils his psyche, allowing him to stand in the center of his world, orchestrating a universe created solely by his hands. He depicts his personal history through intimate oil and acrylic portraits of family, moments, and memories that convey his experience as a Black Man and artist. The subjects within his art transmit a specific power that does not rely on systemic pain, trauma, or past offenses to propel his artistic vision. Nevertheless, these figures covertly convey the residual effects of their environment and how this may innately influence one’s identity. He finds strength in how this distinguishes individuals; his creations have become a voice to help understand his nature. His paintings act as a means of searching, diving deeper into his cognition and the varying societal implications that affect those within his reach. Greene sources his artwork from archival photos and shared experiences, juxtaposing them with an amorphous imagination utilizing styles that acknowledges realism, yet maintains his painterly disposition. Bold opaque colors, textural brushwork, and eccentric figuration are how he evokes emotion and emphasis within his work. Greene glorifies a certain level of roughness that demonstrates beauty and intimacy, not concerned with technicalities as opposed to nuanced emotion. His work is considered a storytelling method, and understanding where he comes from has allowed him to realize how far he can go.

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