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Life. Forms by Lucy Bailey and K. Wayne Thornley

May 10 @ 11:00 am - May 21 @ 3:00 pm


Mixed Media Art by Lucy Bailey and K Wayne Thornley


May 10 – May 21: 11:00 – 3:00

Exceptions: Open 11:00 – 8:00 Thursday, May 11; Closed Monday, May 15 

Reception: Thursday, May 11, 5:00 – 8:00

Artist Talk: Sunday, May 21, 2:00

Show Statement: 

Life.Forms emerged from our mutual ruminations around the deconstruction and reconstruction of the past, the contemplation of our existence as one of many life forms in the universe, along with the  “what-if’s” and “connect-the-dots” only possible from the vantage point of six decades. We both decided to take an excursion into new mixed media work to explore life forms, in a physiological sense and a psychological sense of how life forms us from the biological building blocks beginning our journey through the experiences of the early years shaping our trajectory. 

Works in this show reflect physical and emotional ways life forms from experience, inheritance, memory, chance, and choice. These works share the space with pieces that interpret a more literal sense of life forms –  their structure and evolution.

Perhaps the work in this show will connect with your own interpretation of what forms and informs (as Mary Oliver calls it) “your one wild and precious life.”


Bailey’s new body of fiber-based mixed media work is built from vintage children’s clothing to establish the central idea of our earliest seeds of identity. Each narrative suggests a way in which the trajectory of a life is influenced by chance encounter, family of origin, setting, time, and events. Fabric is altered and embellished while other materials are interwoven and attached to represent the many disparate factors competing to make an impression on who we are and how we navigate this life. While this work is a diversion from Bailey’s figurative ceramic work, the image of an individual figure – suggested by the clothing – remains central.

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Thornley’s work for this exhibition lies somewhere between science and science fiction. Using materials frequently employed in his creative process – wire, paint, graphite, wood, found objects – Thornley has made objects and images inspired by the fantastical forms, colors, and textures of physical life forms, both real and imagined. Wire is woven into armatures or “endoskeletons” for pieces inspired by microorganisms or used as a protective “exoskeleton” surrounding inner elements. Two-dimensional works interpret the beauty and mystery of life forms, seen and unseen – some familiar, some yet to be discovered. 

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