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Lauren and Daniel Andreu Exhibition

September 4, 2019 - September 14, 2019

This exhibition is a special partnership with Palmetto Luna Arts, whose mission is to foster an understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture by promoting artistic creation and providing opportunities for cultural expression for the community in South Carolina. This activity is part of The Latino Experience, a cultural, social and educational initiative aimed to provide non-Latino Midlands residents with an in-depth experience that enhances their knowledge and understanding of the Latino community.  The Latino Experience is supported by a Connected Communities grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation.


Lauren and Daniel are a Cuban and Puerto Rican brother and sister duo who have inspired each other over the years to create. They have completed multiple murals together including the one on the Immaculate Consumption coffee shop on South Main Street in Columbia.


Together their exhibit is called “Pureza Nuestra,” in Spanish, simply “Our purity.” Lauren and Daniel explore themselves and how they experience their purity of essence without concern for who or how they “should” be. It is an invitation to the viewer to go beyond self-acceptance to self-celebration.


Daniel Andreu

Daniel is a figurative Artist from Columbia South Carolina. His work is influenced by more classical artist like Caravagio and Michelangelo as well as the  stylized illustrations of the comic pages he read growing up. The themes of his work attempt to explore humanism, spirituality and romance.


Lauren Andreu

Lauren is a story-teller interested in the emotional lives of her subjects and her audience. Her work as a social worker and massage therapist imbues her work with a thoughtfulness related to empathy, self-knowing, and social consciousness. She is also a community muralist dedicated to community peace making.

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