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Eileen Blyth – The Shadow Line

January 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am - February 2, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

Eileen Blyth - Solo Exhibition

“Working on several paintings and sculptures at once, I see the lines I paint and draw in my sculptures, and my sculptures, in my paintings. While this makes perfect sense, it always surprises me.”

Columbia painter and sculptor Eileen Blyth will present a new exhibition, The Shadow Line, at Stormwater Studios, Columbia’s new studio complex off Huger Street. Blyth, a mainstay on Columbia’s art scene for many years, will present abstract paintings as well as sculptures, the latter constructed from recycled, often found materials that occupy the space between abstraction and representation.

Lines and shadows are important in both Blyth’s paintings and sculptures. In her sculptures, often made from concrete, metal and other materials with a raw edge, Blyth likes to work with simple forms and lines and the effect of light, both how light transforms objects and casts shadows. In her paintings, Blyth allows the paint to direct her, even take over, regardless of the plan she had in mind at first. “Sometimes it’s like the paint has a whole different plan. Between me building the surface, painting and making marks, a shift might take place, a shift that turns out to be so right. It’s that moment of knowing, of seeing the line and shadow, of finding the composition, that is exciting to me.” In playing with line and shadow, Blyth says, she tries to distract the viewer. “I try to make them unsure about what they see and look again.”

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