Colin Dodd’s Artwork to be Displayed at Gallery 80808

Artwork by Colin Dodd  March 3-8, 2011
Reception: Friday March 4th.  5.30pm – 8.30pm
Colin will be manning the show everyday from 11.00am to 6.00pm
Contact information is tel. 781-1429 (home),
 tel. 822 3412 (work)  email  [email protected]  
Artist’s  Statement:  
  The exhibit consists primarily of  portraits  such as  James  Joyce,  Ludwig  Wittgenstein  and  Philip Glass  which are  examples  from  a  series  of   works  I  have  been  engaged  in  creating  for  twenty  years.  This  group  of  multiphasic,  biographical  paintings  are  an  homage  to  these  highly  creative,  challenging  and  complex  individuals  and  to  the  humanistic  spirit  of  the  twentieth  century.  These  are  portraits  but  many  of   them  are  concerned  with  more  than  just  the  physical  appearance  of  the  subject.  They  express  the  life  and  work  of  each  person  through  a  multi-layered  technique,  juxtaposing  images  and  ideas  from  various  sources.  A  significant  part  of  the  effort  required  to  execute  these  portraits  was  to  exhaustively  research  the  individuals’  lives  and  works.  Thus,  they are  didactic  paintings,  bringing  these  figures  to  a  wider  audience  and  greater  recognition  for  their  contributions  to  the  fabric  of  contemporary  artistic  and  intellectual  life.  It  is  intended  that  this  quality  will  generate  a  similar  experience  for  the  viewer,  providing  a  stimulus  for  further  investigation.
  In addition the exhibit includes landscapes in oil, acrylic and watercolor and represent my ongoing engagement with place and environment through painting.

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