Artista Vista Reviewed by Mary Gilkerson in the Columbia Free Times newspaper

Mary Gilkerson, a staff writer for the Free Times weekly publication and art instructor at Columbia college, wrote a review of Artista Vista 2008 that included the following paragraphs:

Personal Grounds, the group show at Vista Studios/Gallery 80808, is a strong overview of the resident artists’ work.

Sharon Licata’s Whirling Dervish is twisting carved form in black chlorite. The execution is looser than normal for Licata, and it works. The raw chisel marks on the surface of the stone add to the piece’s sense of movement.

The blue-green and brownish red colors in Laura Spong’s large dark piece in the main gallery shouldn’t work. But they do. Their dissonance pushes the viewer towards the lighter area in the center.

Jeff Donovan’s two ceramic heads in the center of the gallery are companion pieces that use a dry ironic wit to compare opposite states of mind.

Baptism is a departure for David Yaghjian in its more contemplative, pensive quality. His “everyman” figure appears again, just the torso this time, rising up from the rippling water of a pool. There is no other movement and no expression on the figure’s face.

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