Interiors & Exteriors: The body and its environment
Artists: Kevin Archie, Lizzie Cuthbertson, Laurel Steckel, and Joshua Zerangue

Reception time: Thursday August 12 from 6-8pm


Thursday, Aug 12, 6-9
Friday, Aug 13, 11-4
Saturday, Aug 14, 11-3
Monday, Aug 16, 11-3
Tuesday, Aug 17, 5-8
“Interiors & Exteriors is a show about the spaces in which humans exist, including the space of the body itself that we dwell in. The artists in the show are all interested in identifying and exposing these human spaces. They look at two parts: both the exterior with its superficial, physical qualities, as well as their artistic interpretation of the interior and the depth of psychology that it lends itself too. Their mediums all present different ways of viewing the spaces. Photography sometimes begs a question of memory, while drawing and painting show a certain excavation of the artist. All mediums seems to unveil curious parts of our bodies and their environments successfully, making it worthwhile to spend sometime in this gallery’s environment. It’s a show not to miss.”

Contact info: Laurel Steckel 847-606-9713, email – [email protected]
Lizzie Culberthson
Laurel Steckel

Kevin Archie

Joshua Zerangue

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