10/16/14-10/21/14 – Guy C. Allison and Bryant T. Dyess October 16th – Vista Nights During Third Thursday

“Scrupulously Thorough”

Guy C. Allison and Bryant T. Dyess at Gallery 80808 10/16/14-10/21/14
Opening Reception held Friday, 17 from 6pm till 9pm
The show will be manned Thursday, Oct 16 thru Tuesday, Oct 21 

Guy Allison and Bryant Dyess, both artist based in St. Matthews, SC decided to collaborate on a show, having sensed a similarity of line, content and attention to detail in their work.  Mr. Dyess allows wood and steel to flow together in a vision that creates pieces of furniture embracing the boldness of industry with an elegant touch of history.  Mr. Allison, painting since the dark ages, uses line, color and humor to tell stories.

Both are left handed and tidy – i.e. “Scrupulously Thorough.”

Contact Info Guy Allison Bryant Dyess
1628 Bridge St.
St. Matthews, SC 29135

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